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The History Of CM Allott And Son Ltd.

Charles Mark Allott

The Beginning.

Charles Mark Allott commenced business in 1976 as a funeral director and taxi proprietor along with limousine wedding hire and funeral vehicle hires to several country funeral directors. The business premises were based in the village of Brandesburton. Due to demand, premises were purchased in Hornsea in 1980 and after planning approval the business opened in 1981.

Charles Sydney Allott

With business increasing every year, Mr Allott’s son Charles joined the business and became a partner in 1984. Eventually, due to the workload with the amount of funerals being arranged it was decided to discontinue the taxi work and wedding hire and concentrate wholly on funerals.

Recent Times.

In 2010 the partnership of C.M Allott and Son became a limited company, now known as C.M Allott and Son Limited. The business continues under the ownership of Charles Sydney Allott and is assisted by his son Thomas and Mark Williamson. Mark has worked for the company for 26 years. The success of C.M Allott and Son Limited can be put down to the trust of the local community which they have served since 1976.